If you have never been tortured, never been forced to make a dangerous journey or to leave your child, you can’t understand what it does to a human being.

For me, the damage was so great that I stopped speaking. I had no voice to tell what had happened to me. It was as...

“Violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons is exacerbated in situations of deprivation of liberty… in detention facilities there is usually a strict hierarchy, and that those at the bottom of the hierarchy, including lesbian, gay, bisexu...

February 22, 2018

‘Because you are an asylum seeker they can do anything to you.’ So speaks Nene (name changed), a mother and fashion designer from Democratic Republic of Congo, who has come to this conclusion through painful experience. ‘They say the UK is a safe place but I don’t thin...

As an organisation established to connect and empower migrant women though our conversation workshops, Xenia works primarily with women who have to fight harder and longer for basic rights to this day. In solidarity with these women, Xenia has pledged our support to th...

This year marks 100 years since some British women first won the right to vote. This ground-breaking victory came as a result of the work of the Suffragettes, ordinary women who stopped at nothing to get their voices heard.

The Suffragette spirit is alive and well in Br...

We as women, have the right to feel protected if we experience violence,

We as women, have the right to be believed if we report this violence,

We as women, have the right to live a dignified life free of violence.

- Migrant survivors of violence speak out in the SUMW cam...

Imagine having to leave your home because your life is in danger. In desperation, you pay traffickers in the hope that they will help you reach a place of safety and security, only to find yourself imprisoned upon arrival at your destination – without knowing why.


Across Europe, refugee women face a number of gender-specific challenges, which are often over looked by policy-makers. Independent field research conducted by Refugee Rights Europe shines a light on the lived experiences of refugee and displaced women and particularly...

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January 10, 2018

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